Animal Communication

Have you been wondering what your animal companion has been thinking?  

Working with an Animal Communicator allows you to have the conversation you’ve always wanted and gain a deeper understanding of your beloved companion while getting the answers.  

Often when sharing our lives with animals issues arise that might be perplexing, irritating or even life threatening. A simple conversation to explore what is going on can be helpful.  Since animals and humans communicate differently it is my job to be the translator seeking clarity around the situation and/or the behavior.   I also incorporate energy work into the session to help release blocked energy, which can show up as physical and behavioral problems.  Sometimes big problems arise out of simple misunderstandings that a good chat can clear up. Other times our animals may need a little extra help through energy work in order to help them release some old traumas or to let go of whatever it is that is creating their current problem, whether physical or emotional.  


Animals are masters at reading energy and they have a deep understanding what is going on energetically within the family dynamic much like a herd of horses or a pack of wolves.  They spend their lives in our worlds observing and responding to the energy often taking on jobs within the family to keep the energy flowing such as absorbing emotions of their people or acting out to get stuck energy moving etc. Engaging in a conversation with these important family members allows them to share deeply from the heart and guide us to how to be in harmony and balance.

Like us, each animal is an individual and has his or her own personality. Some are very open and chatty while others may be animals of few words, and some are absolutely hilarious.  Most are very thankful for an opportunity to be truly heard and seen. A conversation with your animal companion is like inviting that dear friend in for a chat that accepts you wholeheartedly and unconditionally while being present with what arises and finding the deeper understanding of each other.

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Some common issues regularly addressed using 

Animal Communication and Energy Work are:

Behavior problems

For an animal to be heard and have a say is sometimes all it takes to solve a behavioral issue or explain why they do the things they do.  Hearing the animal’s perspective helps find a solution.

Mischievous_DogExamples are: barking, escaping from the yard, going to the bathroom inside, reactivity to certain people or situations, separation anxiety, and more.

Often, shifts for the owner are required to change a behavioral problem such as consistent positive training.  Or changing the thoughts they are projecting about certain activities such as fear around people on bikes – the dog picks up on the fear and then becomes reactive and the frustration begins.

Energy work is very beneficial with behavioral problems.  Methods and modalities I use including but not limited to are trauma release work, removing energy blocks, defining energetic boundaries, clearing the body of blocked energy, Reiki etc.

General Check–in

Find out their animal’s likes and dislikes.

Do they like their food, bed, toys, sleeping arrangement,  etc.?   Do they like the other animals living with them?    Do they like the new girlfriend?   What are their feelings about their job in the family?   Are they happy? What would make them happier or healthier?  Find out if they are grieving a loss of a person or another animal.


Updates for them 

You may want to inform them of dates you will be on vacation and who will be taking care of them.  If new people are moving in or visiting, kids that will be moving away, new animals that will be part of the family etc.  Separations, divorce, etc.  all which the animal feels but may not have any understanding of.

Energy work is beneficial here as well if there is stuck energy or old trauma around past experiences or people.

Death and Dying

This transition is a hard time for everyone.  Finding out what they want shifts from you deciding to honor their wishes.  You can find out if it is time for them to go. Do they want help from the vet to leave?   Is there something they want to do before passing over?

Energy work – Often during these conversations, the animal requests Reiki for the whole family so they everyone can be supported during the conversation and through their transition.

Physical issues

How is the animal feeling physical? Where does it hurt?  Do you want the surgery?  

Energy work is very beneficial on physical issues because it supports the body to come into balance.  

Echo on Fence

Through Animal Communication and Energy work I can get important information for you which can be used to assist the vet. I do not diagnose.

 This is just a list to give you an idea.  The possibilities are endless of what you can talk to your animal companion about.  It’s like finally being able to talk to a dear friend and there is so much to talk about.  Have the conversation you have always wanted and get the answers!  

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