About Neave, Animal Communicator

Neave Karger: Animal Communicator

I am Neave Karger, animal communicator, telepath, and reiki healer. Here is my story.

As a child I could talk to our family animals, I thought everyone could.  And all children can communicate with animals, but since this skill is not widely nurtured or used, the ability weakens as we grow.  The animals were my confidants and my guides helping me navigate a family consisting of 5 kids, within  6 years of each other. There was always something going on.  As a 6th grader, I started daily early morning walks with my dog around a nearby lake. Often on these walks, I would be lamenting about the state of my family.  I had a lot of confusion because I understood what was energetically going on with my family versus what had been said and presented.  My dog was the perfect therapist, she understood what I was observing and feeling because I was speaking her language of energy and telepathy.

 As an intimate part of family life, our animal companions are always observing and feeling everything that goes on within the family and interacts in different ways with every member of the family.   My dogs would hold space for me, listen to me and acknowledge what I was observing was accurate and real.  These walks in nature and the talks with my dogs were my nature therapy and I would return from a  walk with a deeper understanding of myself, my dog and my family as well as a greater sense of connection, harmony, and balance.    

These daily walks have continued throughout my life with different dogs and in different places,  and  I have been tenderly guided and held throughout my life by nature and the animals living with me.  They have held a beautiful, safe, accepting space for me and I am paying it forward. I believe animals are some of our greatest teachers if we stop, listen and engage.  I am passionate about being a hostess of sacred space for interspecies dialogue and healing to deepen the human and animal relationship for more fuller and harmonious lives.

Since 2006 I have been an animal communicator, healer, Reiki practitioner and ceremonialist.  My work involves opening of sacred space for interspecies dialogue, ceremony, classes and healing allowing clients to deepen their relationships with self, animals and the natural world.  As a ceremonialist, I have participated in numerous ceremonies over the years as well as been a leader of many ceremonies.  I am an experienced Sweat Lodge Leader, team member of a healing team using animal, plant and stone medicines as well as participated in Listening to Zoo Animal Ambassador’s ceremonies. For 10 years I have participated in a monthly class for “Understanding Personal Energy” increasing my awareness, capacity, and competency in holding sacred space for transformation.

Neave Karger: Animal Communicator

The animals’ reflection of who I am?

I asked the animals,  my totems and Spirit animals, as well as my embodied and physical dog for their reflections of who I am and this is their reflection.

I am a hostess of sacred space for interspecies dialogue and energy healing.  

I am in partnership with many spiritual beings who work on behalf of the highest good for understanding, clarity, and healing of the animal and human relationship.

I am a healer following the energy with the intention of health, balance, and harmony.

I am a steward of the natural world honoring and celebrating animals as sentient beings and wise teachers.  

I am intuitive.

I am a resonator of energy – meaning when I connect with an animal I tune my receptivity to the animal’s frequency.   I correlate it to tuning a radio to the different stations.  I resonate with the animal’s  vibration and  I am then able to hear, see and feel in my body what the animal is experiencing.  

I am a translator for the animals.  

I am an interpreter of messages sent from the Divine Realms taking delight in curiously decoding the hidden mysteries and meaning.

I am a witness.

I am a Shaman in sacred play with the natural world.    My daily soul food is being in communion with the elements on long walks where I receive teachings of the interconnectedness of all life and I  find the connection with Spirit.

I am a teacher.  

I am a resource library for the animals.  My resource library is full of life experiences that I have had on a heart path as the healer, shaman, animal communicator, ceremonialist on an ongoing personal journey of seeking health, balance, and harmony in my life.   The animals scan my field and pull forth the book or chapter that they feel will help bring balance and health to their own lives as well as their people and ask me to share.

I am a ceremonialist weaving the animal, mineral, plant and spiritual worlds together creating sacred space for people to do their process work and honor life.