I am so excited to be working in collaboration with the animals on creating classes and ceremonies to honor the animal and human relationship. Animal Communication Classes are offered throughout the year with an online option coming soon – stay tuned and sign up for more information!

During conversations with animals and their humans, the animals often reflect when they communicate with their person that they are not aware of and/or question the communications that they really felt/heard/sensed from their animal companions.

If you want to learn more about how to communicate to your animal or learn what your animal is trying to tell you, I invite you to learn the basics at one of my classes.

Telepathic Animal Communication is returning to the language of the heart, returning to innate body knowing of how to communicate without words. We share this same language with all living beings. This class is designed to guide you through opening the intuitive channels used to speak with animals. By awakening a heart-centered connection you will be able to communicate with animals in your presence or long distance.

A distinct set of exercises will allow us to explore intuition, gain clarity and open up the telepathic avenues for communicating with animals.  In Seattle, we will converse with animals that are present in the class.  Then we will be communicating with animals long distance by connecting through a picture.

All that is needed is curiosity, an open heart and willingness to learn.


Animal Communication Basics Class Dates

July 15, 2017,  10 am – 4 pm in Durango, CO 



Neave (22 of 35)


Class Information: 

A minimum of 6 students is needed to hold the class.

Registration for each class is open until 10 pm the Thursday before the class.

*Cancellation Policy: I understand that sometimes things happen, should you need to withdraw from the class a refund (less $25) is available with notice within one week before class, after that no refunds can be given. Payment is non-transferable to any other class, or service offered by HeartSong.

After taking the Basic class, consider joining an on-going practice group** to strengthen your intuitive muscle and practice what you’ve learned!

What You Will Need:

Journal or notebook and writing tool

Photos of  your living animal companions 

Comfortable clothing for meditative time 

Lunch, water, snacks

What You Will Learn: 

Clarity and understanding of telepathy and how you already engage with telepathy

Steps to communicate with animals

Experiences with communicating with animals in attendance and other class participant animals.

Techniques for continued practice to strengthen your ability to speak with animals.


What You Need To Do Next: 

– Pay now to reserve your spot. 

– After you have paid, you will need to fill out the form on the confirmation page. You can also fill out that form here.

I am honored and delighted that you are joining me to explore and learn  Animal Communication!

**Details coming on Practice Groups Online