How to schedule a session

I communicate with all types of animals and treat each one with respect and compassion. I usually connect with your animal through a picture and communicate with them over the telephone so I don’t have to filter out any perceptions that form after physically meeting the animal.  In-person appointments are available within the Seattle area. I will come to your home so you and your animal are comfortable.  An additional travel fee based on mileage is added to session fee.

The information required for a session:

•    A picture of the animal emailed to me at
•    Type of animal. (Poodle, rabbit, fish etc.)
•    Age and sex of the animal
•    Your name and address

Please click here to fill out the form to collect all the pertinent information.  In order to limit any preconceptions, I keep the form focused on the issue you want the conversation to be about without too much history on the animal. (This is so I don’t have to filter those preconceptions during the conversation.)

Appointment time

At appointment time you call me at 1-206-250-6952

Shortly before the communication session, I connect with your animal or animals – introducing myself and letting them know your desire for a conversation.  Then when you call the conversation between the three of us begins with me being the translator for the animals.  You ask the questions, I listen to your animal and convey their answers.  The conversation goes on between the three of us until you have the information you want or the problem is solved.  I also incorporate energy work into the session to help release blocked energy, which can show up as physical and behavioral problems.

Many times during a conversation the animal will tell you what it is in your behavior that may be causing them to behave the way they are.  Animals are mirrors and this is not always easy to hear. It’s important to come to the conversation ready to really listen with an open mind and heart to what your animal has to say.

Scheduling an appointment –

I have appointments available between 8 am – noon Monday and Friday, 9 am – noon on Saturday and Sunday as well as evening appointments throughout the week.

If you are interested in chatting with your animal fill in the form to get started and then schedule an appointment.

Book an appointment now via my on-line scheduler.  Click the button below.

Make an Online Appointment


Rates  Flat rate of $50 for 30 minutes of conversation

  • If the conversation is under 30 minutes (which is rare) the fee is still $50
  • Anything over 30 minutes is charged in 15 minutes increments  $25 per fifteen minutes.

Payments for session are made on the Fees and Payments Page

If you have questions before setting an appointment call 1-206-250-6952 or email me at